Welcome to SheDidDat.com, a Women's Empowerment Apparel Line.

SheDidDat was named by God and founded by Angel "B" Winfrey, whom believes #shediddat is more than clothing brand but is also a ministry which was given to her in a dream.

After personally dealing with a series of unfortunate events, Angel was determined to change her circumstances. 

"I had giving up on myself. Finding the courage to get back up was a miracle in itself. I had to do the work to change my life and face my problems head-on. I had to make better decisions and change how I coped with things. The process was painful but totally worth celebrating in the end." She Did Dat!

SheDidDat celebrates the overcomer, the resilient woman. The woman who defied the odd's and accomplished what seem impossible.

To the woman who picked up the pieces and put her life back together again..

To the woman who was knocked down, but got back up winning..

To the woman who connected/reconnected with God and discovered herself in the process..

To the woman who leveled up and found a better version of herself..

To the woman who traded her pain for purpose and is now a living testimony..

We Salute You!!

Words from Angel "B" Winfrey

We must accept the fact that our crowns may not always be on straight, and that's ok because God knew us before we were formed in our mother's womb. You were fearfully and wonderfully made and I'm just here to remind you, it's time to be yourself and see yourself for who you really are. 

We live and we learn, we make mistakes, and sometimes we break. We may even feel like giving up but in the end we get back up. This is a She-Did-Dat kind of woman. She is imperfectly perfect. She has 'Been There and Done Dat', gained the wisdom, did the work and put her life back on track. She's resilient. She accepts responsibility, and she's accountable for her own actions.

In some area of our lives the negatives are still being developed. We are still being added to and subtracted from because we are all a work in progress. God ain't through with us yet. In the meantime, I am here to speak life to you, to encourage you to keep going. We have the power and the ability to re-direct our lives by deciding what we want to do with it.

The moment you want better for yourself, when you become sick and tired of being sick and tired that is when you are ready for your higher self. That is when you are ready for change. That is when you are ready to put some things behind you and never look back. That's is when you are ready to become a She-Did-Dat kind of woman.


Be Blessed,